Annual report 2020

The market has become so transparent as a result of digitization that everyone broadly does the same. Those looking for the unique look for the details. And in those details lies the gain. Zevij-Necomij has a keen eye for these details and knows the business of its members like no other. So we look at 2020 with that eye for detail.

The big picture is clear: in April and May there was corona panic and we saw turnover drop dramatically. Fortunately, our industry recovered quickly. But when we zoom in on the details, the differences appear to be large.

In this annual report you will find a report by our member Van Haaren, who already felt the corona in January. But also from supplier Altrex, which had to intervene in the organization, but ultimately had a very good year.

The truth is in the details, Stephan King once said, we want to find that truth again in this annual report.

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