Zevij-Necomij is a purchasing organization for technical wholesalers and the hardware trade. The extensive range includes all products in the field of construction, installation and industry, including hardware, tools, machines and hinges and locks. Combining the activities will lead to an improvement in the purchasing position for all affiliated wholesalers, but also to a significant reduction in costs.

  • 1953

    Oprichting door ZEven IJzerwaren handelaren (100% bouw)

  • 1990

    Uitbreiding met industrie
    (55% bouw/45% industrie)
  • 1995

    Zevij B.V. opgericht

Members of


The companies affiliated with Zevij-Necomij are wholesale organizations in hardware and tools. Entrepreneurs who operate regionally and focus on the professional customer in construction and industry. Together, these organizations account for more than 540 branches, spread throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Each location guarantees a wide, high-quality and at the same time competitively priced range.

suppliers of


Zevij-Necomij has been a reliable partner for suppliers for more than 65 years when it comes to payment security, market development and turnover growth. When selecting suppliers,
Zevij-Necomij work carefully and strict criteria are applied. Criteria for quality, reliability, sustainability, price level and compliance with agreements and delivery conditions.

Private labels at


There are two private labels active among the affiliated wholesalers of
Zevij-Necomij. Ivana, to be sold exclusively through the original Necomij affiliated wholesalers, guarantees an extensive range in three product lines; Goldline, Silverline and Basic can be classified. 4tecx is the exclusive label of the original Zevij affiliated wholesalers. Both private labels combine quality with a healthy margin for wholesalers.

With a turnover of more than  €500 million  Zevij-Necomij is the largest purchasing organization in the sector in the Benelux. The wholesalers affiliated with us in the Netherlands and Belgium jointly have more than  540 branches. Suppliers gain access to a broad sales channel in construction, installation and industry through Zevij-Necomij. While members are looking for cost savings, professionalization and knowledge via Zevij-Necomij, suppliers find payment security, market insight and logistical support at Zevij-Necomij.

The name


Zevij-Necomij, as the name suggests, originated from a merger of two major players in the market: Zevij (Oosterhout) and Necomij (Sassenheim). With this merger in 2014, all parts were integrated with each other and one new cooperative was created. Only the private label of the former Necomij members has not been merged. Our net turnover including revenue has more than doubled in the past 5 years and now amounts to more than 500 million.

  • 2006

    Uitbreiding België

  • 2009

    Papierloos factureren leden

  • 2014

    Samenwerking Zevij-Necomij B.V

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