By always working together with specialized partners, Zevij-Necomij is able to offer added value to both suppliers and wholesalers.

Zevij-Necomij has therefore invested, sometimes literally, in very reliable and competent partners with whom it can make progress. The partnerships that Zevij-Necomij seeks and finds are strategic and long-lasting. Zevij-Necomij is also a shareholder of many of its partners.



EZ-base offers specialist retailers rich product information on more than 2 million products managed by suppliers. Every day we work to expand the number of suppliers in EZ-base and to increase data quality. EZ-base is not only the basis for an efficient ERP system, but for many wholesalers it is also the foundation for e-commerce activities such as web shops and ordering apps. EZ-base also offers a publication portal that gives the professional hardware trade the opportunity to produce digital campaign newsletters and brochures in its own house style from EZ-base via a ‘web-to-print’ solution.
Zevij-Necomij is a shareholder and co-founder of EZ-base.


D Soft

The Belgian IT company D Soft offers its customers solutions that help convert paper-based workflows into digital ones. A well-known example is the successful DocTrails. But D Soft also handles the automation of logistical administration. Many companies use D Soft’s software to exchange messages such as electronic invoices. The cooperation with D Soft has resulted in, among other things, the EDI Portal, the web shop and the ordering app. Zevij-Necomij is shareholder of D Soft.


Euro Craft

Zevij-Necomij actively participates in the Euro Craft partnership in order to improve the long-term competitive position of its members. The six equal shareholders of Euro Craft are all purchasing groups that are number one in their countries. Euro Craft, which was founded 25 years ago, has completely repositioned itself: Since 2018, all partners are equal shareholders and pursue the common goal of working together and learning from each other. Thus, the structure and strategy of Euro Craft were jointly adapted.



As an industry organisation of technical wholesalers, Vertaz promotes the interests of over one hundred technical wholesalers. It also provides specialised training for people in the sector to strengthen their professional skills. Parts of these courses are offered via e-learning.

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