The basic idea behind all the services that Zevij-Necomij offers is that those services can be organised better or more efficiently centrally in Oosterhout. Zevij-Necomij knows its place in the chain and leaves production to its suppliers and sales explicitly to its members.

Therefore, Zevij-Necomij does not have any sales formulas, but prefers to leave those initiatives to its members. They are very successful at it. Apart from purchasing and the associated administration, Zevij-Necomij offers all services according to the cafeteria model. Members are free to use this and only those who do, bear the costs. This makes it financially attractive for very large and smaller wholesalers to join. The total financial settlement takes place via Zevij-Necomij.



Zevij-Necomij offers a large number of services according to the cafeteria model: ‘the user pays’. Intensive discussions with affiliated wholesalers and suppliers and close monitoring of market developments constantly results in new services being added to the Zevij-Necomij service list.

The various services are divided into the disciplines of procurement, digitalisation and logistics.


Check out the possibilities in the areas of promotion, communication, digitalisation, internationalisation and sustainability.


Check out the possibilities for digital packing slips, track & trace, virtual warehouse, scanning packaging and customised logistics.

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