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In general, technical wholesalers face the challenge of maintaining or increasing the level of product knowledge. All this with an ever-widening assortment and in less and less time. Suppliers face that limited time to provide product training at technical wholesalers as well as limited resources and therefore reach.

Zevij-Necomij aims to provide a platform to maintain and/or increase product knowledge within the technical wholesale trade. One central the platform for product and material knowledge from suppliers to member wholesalers and from member wholesalers to end users.

Product training will be offered through the Microlearning method.

What is microlearning?

Small repetitive (daily) pieces of knowledge with short duration in the form of such things as:
  • Videos
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Games
So: easy to use, continuous learning (loop) and finding information quickly when the knowledge is needed.

A fun way to learn!

The benefits at a glance

Time and Knowledge:
No whole training days, learning in small steps, power of repetition

Interaction, supported by short videos, multiple-choice questions and infographics

Group chat, Question Bank, communication tool

Who, what and outcome

Knowledge transfer, user-friendly and less strenuous

In addition to training through this platform, it also combines very well with hands-on training and classroom

To be used on smartphone, via App and PC/laptop or tablet

Low cost;
Attractive monthly rate

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