The primary reason for joining the largest purchasing organization as a hardware wholesaler is of course the purchasing power that you achieve with this.

Zevij-Necomij works with an ingenious differentiation model in which all members benefit from increasing the total volume, but the parties that contribute the most always the most. This makes it financially attractive for both very large and smaller wholesalers to join.

from more than 140 affiliated wholesalers

Of course, Zevij-Necomij is constantly striving to increase this number. Not only because this offers every affiliated wholesaler more purchasing power, but also because the general costs can be divided over a larger number and can therefore be lower per company.


The list of suppliers with which Zevij-Necomij has concluded contracts on behalf of the members is still growing. In addition, we make agreements in a much larger context through our collaboration within the European purchasing group Euro Craft.

Distinctiveness with 4tecx

4tecx is the exclusive private label of the wholesalers affiliated with Zevij-Necomij. The brand stands for quality and competitive prices. 4tecx combines quality with a healthy margin and in that sense forms a valuable addition to the A-brand range.

Current management information

The Zevij-Necomij portal is an extranet where members can view the current turnover data of their company at any time of the day, both at group level and per location. For example, selection can be made at supplier level and at a specific time period. Using the Business Intelligence tool on the Zevij-Necomij portal, extensive analyzes can be made, even down to order line level. This provides complete insight into the figures and allows maximum margin to be made.

Commercial information

The Zevij-Necomij portal also contains valuable commercial information such as the price lists of all suppliers (in a uniform pattern), all condition sheets, current stock information, Track & Trace of orders, invoices, purchase and sales promotions and much more.

Sales support with marketing communication

Zevij-Necomij organizes sales campaigns in collaboration with the suppliers. These have great commercial appeal, while margins remain intact. Every quarter Zevij-Necomij develops an attractive promotional email for the end user and an action folder of the private label 4tecx for these promotions.

Current product information via EZ-base

The EZ-base product database contains rich article data relevant to the industry. This rich article data can be used in, for example, quotations, catalogues, brochures, web shops and price lists. Without correct article data, nothing is possible in the digital world. That is why Zevij-Necomij has an online catalogue, the Zevij-Necomij catalogue, with over 2 million articles.


When new members are asked about the reasons for joining Zevij-Necomij, it is of course about purchasing power. By joint purchasing, they are much better able to use extremely competitive prices and achieve good margins.

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