Zevij-Necomij believes that the trade can use digital media to very effectively draw attention to campaigns and innovations. The suppliers are also looking for ways to bring their news to the attention of the professional. These two parties have one interest and one platform: IJzersterk!

Zevij-Necomij works closely together with this ingenious marketing and communication platform. Suppliers post their novelties and actions on this platform. These messages are subsequently edited by Zevij-Necomij where necessary and automatically converted to the house style of the wholesalers affiliated with Zevij-Necomij. The affiliated wholesalers, who make use of this service, can then use the same platform to effortlessly convert the messages into online marketing campaigns for their customers.

“IJzersterk” is an ingenious marketing-communication platform in which suppliers and affiliated wholesalers join forces to underline each other’s strengths. This vertical industry software provides marketing power to both the supplier and the affiliated wholesaler.

The supplier has marketing power |
The affiliated wholesaler has the network

Both suppliers and affiliated wholesalers have their own login and can use the full power of this all-round media platform for their own purposes: e-mailing/social media/blogs/conversion pages, SMS marketing, RSS feed, annual planning, compiling campaigns, etc).

It is the most extensive package available today, without being cumbersome. In addition, suppliers can prepare these marketing communications for the affiliated wholesalers in the same effort.

The great thing is that when the product is ready, the entire house style is adapted to that of the affiliated wholesaler. So the affiliated wholesaler always remains the face to the end customer.

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