Zevij-Necomij and Transferro to join forces

Zevij-Necomij in Oosterhout and Transferro in Zwolle intend to enter into far-reaching cooperation in the near future. The conclusion of a joint study was that major benefits can be achieved by joining forces in the field of purchasing and digitization.

This cooperation leads to a strengthening of the market position for Zevij-Necomij, for Transferro and for their affiliated wholesalers. The intention is for Transferro BV to join Zevij-Necomij as a member and contractor and to further develop itself independently in logistics and sales support activities for its members.

Zevij-Necomij BV in Oosterhout, with a purchase turnover of € 550 million and Transferro BV in Zwolle, with a purchase turnover of € 125 million, are purchasing organizations for wholesalers in Hardware and Tools, mainly aimed at the professional market. 143 wholesalers with a total of 544 branches are affiliated to Zevij-Necomij and 110 wholesalers with a total of 200 branches to Transferro. Placing the purchasing activities and digital services at Zevij-Necomij leads to an improvement of the purchasing position, but also to significant cost savings for all parties. The wholesalers affiliated with Transferro will continue to use the logistics services provided by Transferro’s warehouse in Zwolle and Transferro’s sales support activities. They will focus on Zevij-Necomij for purchasing conditions and digital services. For example, full use will be made of the EDI portal. At Zevij-Necomij, the invoicing to the wholesalers takes place for 100% in EDI at line level. They also get access to the digital ZN catalog in which 2.2 million articles are included. This digital catalog makes it possible to place EDI orders at more than 500 suppliers at the touch of a button.

With this collaboration, a new step is taken in the chain, which leads to further professionalization and more efficient services to both the affiliated wholesalers and the suppliers. It makes the chain as a whole more efficient and competitive.

In the coming weeks, further consultations will be held with the members of both organizations and the plans will be further elaborated.

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