Neopro becomes new member of EURO CRAFT SAS

Oosterhout Feb. 17, 2023 - Europe's leading B2B marketing and purchasing cooperation for construction and industry, EURO CRAFT SAS, based in Paris, is gaining a new shareholder in the form of the Spanish association group Neopro. At the EURO CRAFT general meeting, the five European partners voted unanimously to accept the Spanish cooperation, which has more than 1,000 members. This constellation will expand the cooperation of the leading associations in the b2b sector of construction and industry in Europe and further strengthen the position in the home markets.

Neopro recently emerged as the new organisation of the two main Spanish cooperatives in the hardware and industrial supplies sector (Comafe and QF+) and now combines a wealth of services for its more than 1,000 members and their branches throughout Spain with its concentrated purchasing, services and logistics spectrum. The repertoire will be expanded once again through the cooperation with EURO CRAFT SAS, from which both sides will benefit: “We are pleased about our new partner Neopro, a great organisation that has already set the right course for the future in Spain through its integration and will now enrich the European cooperation in the specialised trade construction and industry sector. Together, topics such as digitalisation, sustainability and close networking will be on the agenda in the future,” says a delighted Peer de Lange, General Manager of EURO CRAFT SAS.

The members of EURO CRAFT SAS so far are Socoda in France, Zevij-Necomij in the Netherlands and Belgium, Troy in Great Britain and Ireland, 3e in Austria and eleven other countries in South-Eastern Europe as well as Nordwest in Germany and other European countries. Thus, the European cooperation will in future unite 3,300 specialist dealers with over 4,800 locations in more than 20 countries “We are convinced that with Neopro as a new shareholder, the Euro Craft network will be successfully expanded in Spain – an important market with great potential for the entire cooperation – and profitably developed for the entire group,” proudly announces Alfredo Diaz, who as CEO of Neopro manages the new company together with secretary Enrique Pagnon.

The European B2B marketing and procurement cooperation EURO CRAFT SAS now consists of six partners:

(from left to right)

Alfredo Diaz Martin (Neopro), Marc de Dobbelaere (Zevij-Necomij), Michael Rolf (Nordwest), Enrique Pagnon (Neopro), Markus Dulle (3rd), Pauline Mispoulet (Socoda) Paul Kilbride (Troy), Peer de Lange (EURO CRAFT SAS).

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