Zevij-Necomij in cooperation with platform GSES

Zevij-Necomij is increasing its commitment to sustainability. With society's increasing focus on issues such as energy transition, nitrogen deposition, circular business and social sustainability, the overarching theme of sustainability is becoming increasingly important. We also see this in the inquiries from the market that we receive through our affiliated wholesalers. In addition, we receive regular notification from suppliers about standards and certifications achieved on sustainability.

As a hub in the chain with 265 affiliated wholesalers and 550 suppliers, we believe we are the party to drive sustainability in the chain and make it transparent to all parties. Comparing all sustainable initiatives and certificates proves to be very difficult in practice. This is what we hear frequently from the marketplace.

Over the past six months, we have conducted extensive research on how best to collect sustainability data and information and make it available to our affiliated wholesalers. For this we looked for a party that specializes in sustainability data and can make it available in an efficient way. With GSES we found this party.

Platform GSES

GSES is a management platform capable of processing sustainability information into 1 well-supported overall score. GSES stands for Global Sustainable Enterprise System. GSES operates in more than 100 countries and works closely with more than 70,000 small and large companies, including ABB, ABN AMRO, XENOS, Scoutbee, Jumbo, LVNL (Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland), Boer&Croon, etc….
You can find more information on GSES by clicking the yellow button below.

Through links between the various relevant databases of GSES and our own IT system, we will be able to take stock, as objectively as possible, of sustainability aspects and make them available to our wholesalers in an efficient manner.
First, we will start with a supplier assessment. At a later stage, we will consider how we will start product reviews. We currently have several pilots running for this purpose.

With regard to supplier evaluation, the request for sustainability-related certificates will be initiated. GSES will process these into a single score, the substantiation of which you can read in full. Zevij-Necomij will make these scores available to member wholesalers through its own digital channels, including the Zevij-Necomij catalog.

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