Zevij-Necomij B.V. acquires Transferro B.V.

Press Release / Oosterhout / Zwolle Sept. 20 - Zevij-Necomij B.V. of Oosterhout is the new owner of Transferro B.V. Over the past period it became increasingly clear that Transferro B.V. had run into financial difficulties. The Transferro Association, shareholder of Transferro B.V., made a rapprochement with Zevij-Necomij B.V. and together a solution was found to get out of this dire financial situation.

Procurement cooperation between Transferro and Zevij-Necomij has already existed since 2021. Purchasing was handled centrally at Zevij-Necomij and the billing for purchasing was done through Zevij-Necomij. For all other activities, Transferro retained its independence, such as maintaining the Probin sales formula, a category management department, an ICT and data department but, above all, operating a distribution center. Last year it was decided to build a new distribution center. With disappointing sales, higher construction and interest costs, operations came under pressure and the bank’s EBITDA requirement could no longer be met and liquidity problems arose.

With Zevij-Necomij’s acquisition, it is expected to move quickly to achieve substantial cost savings. This can be done in the short term by phasing out duplicate inventories, finding more logistically efficient flows and phasing out duplicate activities. In the medium term, it also involves shifting warehouse operations from Zwolle to Oosterhout. All in all, it involves vertical integration in the chain with the goal of achieving cost savings and thus more favorable purchasing conditions for member wholesalers.

The General Assembly of the Transferro association approved the transaction Monday night. Arap-John Tigchelaar has resigned as a director and is leaving the company. The management of Transferro B.V. has been taken over by Zevij-Necomij B.V..

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